Training and Mentoring

Our in-house Marvel Success Training and Mentoring team is equipped with a wealth of in-depth knowledge to guide you to become a successful Investor. We offer online training, either one-to-one or in small groups. We also offer ongoing support throughout your deal-making decisions once you have the knowledge.

Any successful journey is about the people you align with on that journey, our mentors are experts in their field!


Thursday 9th & Friday 10th December 2021 – 7:00 PM – 10:30PM HONGKONG SAR TIME

Maximizing Your Success for 2022 UK Property Investments!

Investing in UK property from Hong Kong has become much easier lately. With modern technology and a variety of apps, the world has become a “global village,” so they say.

However, a challenge still remains. For ultimate success, there needs to be more than just technology. We can agree you need to have capable deal sourcing partners on the ground to execute deals for you – that is essential. But even more than that, for the SMART overseas investor, you need to educate yourself and be armed with in-depth knowledge and understanding about your selected property investment market to ensure that your investment is a sure win!

The ULTIMATE Property Workshop that is disrupting the old-fashioned property investment market in UK investment is WHAT YOU NEED RIGHT NOW.

If you want to develop a modern, well-run property portfolio, using proven business techniques from other industries that are transforming property investment, congratulations, you’re going to be shocked, informed, and transformed by attending this course!

John Penquet will take you through an agenda-packed educational event providing strategy development, modern and unique sourcing techniques, UK data insight and investment automation to enable you to systemize huge workloads and make them autonomous – that way you can focus more of your time on you.

John has demonstrated that his unique insight works in the property field, as seen both in his own portfolio and the portfolios of others, too. He has achieved huge successes and helped others do the same.

Why spend thousands on courses elsewhere, when this value-for-money workshop has it all? Attend and learn things that will give you a unique edge in property investment, doing things differently, and achieving extraordinary success.

To book yourself onto the zoom event. Please click the link below: