From Hong Kong/Asia to UK, We Maximise Your Property Investment Success 

Jennifer Lin, CEO, How I Got Started

In 2016, I made a business decision to move to the UK to start my own property investment company. With more than 20 years experience working in the Asian corporate sector, I have acquired the experience, business acumen, analytical insight and disciplined work ethic to put to use with excellence to help Hong Kong and Asian investors succeed in their strategic property investment journey. That’s what my company, Marvel Success, is here to do.

Thus far, and even during the Covid-19 pandemic , we have completed deals for 40 units of rent-to-rent properties and acquired a potential high yield one-bedroom flat at 49% below market value. Since October 2020, we have sourced and facilitated 7-8 property deals per month, on average, for Hong Kong investors looking to buy properties in the UK.

Having been trained by the very best in the UK property industry, I have built a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who live and breathe UK real estate. Now, we are ready to work with you if you are looking to invest in UK properties and grow a successful portfolio along with us.

How it works

Step 1: Consultation

Book a one-to-one zoom meeting with an international property expert based in London to discuss your expectations / requirements.

Step 2: Property Sourcing

We work with you to find a property that matches your budget and strategy, whether for a corporate buy or a personal investment. Our service includes arranging for conveyancing and liaising with our network of solicitors.

Step 3: Property Management

We provide a turn-key customer relationship management system set up via our Property Managmement Service Team for a seamless management solution.

Our Range of Property Services

Tailor-made Investment Tools in Chinese

Understand all about UK Property investments in Chinese – Unique platform full of investment tools written/translated into Chinese to help you with the best decision.

Chinese-speaking Support

Supported by Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking staff to help you to link to professionals speaking your native tongue to achieve success in your property investments, depending on availability.

All Major Investment Options

Properties are available as buy-to-lets, Houses in Multiple Occupation, (HMOs), rent-to-rent properties (R2Rs), property developments, commercial-to-residentials, purchase lease options (PLOs), supported living, auction buys, and more...

Tailor-made Investment Strategy

We focus on property types of your choice targeted to your specific needs and requirements, be it return-on-investment (ROI ) or yield (rental income / purchase price). Created within your area of preference, we aim for you to achieve maximum success.

Training and Mentoring

Various consultancy services and training programmes available with combined decades’ experiences of professional experts to help you broaden and update your property investment knowledge.

Highest Industry Standards

Each sector participates with the highest industry compliance/professional standards to ensure the best accountability and performance.

Check Out Our Past Deals

£100,000 | Renovation: £0 | Gross Yield: 7.8%
Liverpool, L4 £75,000 | Renovation: £0 | Gross Yield: 9.6%
Middlesbrough TS3 £75,000 | Renovation: £0 | Gross Yield: 8.5%
WN5 0AF £85,000 | Renovation: £2500 | Gross Yield: 8.47%
WN1 3QF £92,500 | Renovation: £0 | Gross Yield: 7.46%
WA9 5EW £85,000 | Renovation: £100 | Gross Yield: 8.12%
0 +
Investment Opportunities
0 +
Number of Investments
£ 0 M
Value of All Investments
0 %+
Average Projected Gross Yields**


Valter Pontes

You might not know this but Valter started as a University student. After he started reading a book a day during his summer break, he never looked back. he went on a gap year and embarked his journey in entrepreneurship, business and property.

Today he runs multiple businesses and he helps people start on their property journey. He has been nominated as the New Property Investor of The Year by the Property Investor Awards, been nominated as the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Growing Business Awards, and has been featured in the Forbes magazine.


John Penquet

 John was born in Liverpool in the 1970s and moved to Wales in the 1990s where he still lives today.

John started his professional career in the retail food industry from managing stores, projects and to the entire food categories all over the UK and globally.  John’s ruthless demand for data, facts and evidence in all aspects of decision making and planning led to roles in procurement and to directing data led consultancy services to some of the world’s biggest global brands. 

This approach to business helped John and his students build property portfolios that outperform the market.  A founder of several property businesses, John has also created Ultimate Landlord to help educate and support investors and is an active public speaker. 

John is also the author of the disruptive book, Property Truth or Dare.

Greg Railton

Helping Overseas buyers find their perfect UK Investment property with no upfront cost. Providing a turnkey solution from sourcing and refurbishments to lettings and management. It’s very refreshing when a business goes well. Jennifer and I have worked on a few things now in the property arena. One particular deal we looked at was a high-value block of apartments for a UHNW individual. She is a highly committed, knowledgeable professional. I would highly recommend working with Jennifer in anyone of her vast business capabilities. Particularly property deal sourcing. Being well connected and having the ability to get challenging and almost lengthy tasks done quickly is a great skill. I will be remaining close to Jennifer and look forward to future business.

Pam Shanker

I have been working with Jennifer for some time. She has lots of experience in the UK property market and is familiar with the UK and global trends. She liaises with overseas property education/property companies understanding their exact criteria. She then communicates this to her team of property sources ensuring they provide a great service to their overseas clients. Jennifer also provides advice and support in a fast-changing market. I really enjoy working with her and she is a great group facilitator. She really looks after her UK team and her overseas clients.

Daisy Chan

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jennifer Lin to any of my Hong Kong friends investing in the UK Property market. Jennifer and I met in 2013 at Landmark, a US-based personal training and development forum in Hong Kong. And we have been close friends since. I have throughout the years introduced Jennifer to many of my Hong Kong friends and business associates in investing in the UK Property Market and Jennifer has not only never failed in any remit to her but also excel in her support to their maximizing success. She is intelligent, inquisitive and fun, always on the exploration of knowledge and a strong desire to explore and learn about humanity.  Jennifer is professional, compassionate and will help anyone with dedication. 

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